Data Center Factoids

Emerson Network Power has examined the growth and growing importance of the data center and recently released its 2011 State of the Data Center report reflecting those observations.

“Over the last several years, advances in technology, an increased reliance on the internet and social media as well as an increased focus on energy management initiatives have had a significant impact on the data center world,” said Scott Barbour, business leader of Emerson Network Power. “Data centers are the unsung heroes."

The data center sits behind the scenes powering the full range of internet activities.

Here are some of the factoids from the Emerson report:

When internet users perform search engine queries, make purchases on their favorite retailer’s website or connect with friends via social media, data centers are making it all happen. For example: $53 Billion in cyber weekend sales is larger than the entire economy of Bulgaria. With so much activity and reliance on the internet, having a reliable data center infrastructure is more important than ever.

This year, mankind will create 1.2 trillion GB of data. This is equivalent to 75 billion 16 GB iPods. That’s more than enough for every person on earth to own 10 iPods.

The growing dependence on the data center means growing consequences of downtime. If all 509,147 data centers went out 2.5 times (based on an average) for a duration of 134 minutes, that would equal 2,842,737 hours of downtime, at a total loss of $426 billion a year. That’s enough to buy every person in Munich, Germany, a yacht.

Every day more than 1 Billion videos are watched from You Tube.

A server purchased in 2011 has 45X the processing power of a server purchased in 2001.


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