Ten Most Common Job Interview Mistakes

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From a survey conducted by Brian Lee and an organization called Lifehack of 2000 bosses comes information we should all know as IT professionals before our next job interview. While many of these blunders seem obvious it really is surprising how frequently they are committed by job candidates. These are all easily avoidable. 


The ten most-common mistakes made at a job interview: 

10. Over-explaining why you lost your job.

9.   Conveying that you aren't over it.

8.   Lacking warmth, humor or personality.

7.   Not showing enough interest or enthusiasm.

6.   Inadequate research about a potential employer.

5.   Concentrating too much on what you want. 

4.   Trying to be all things to all people.

3.   "Winging" the interview.

2.   Failing to set yourself apart from the other candidates.

1.   Failing to ask for the job. 

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