Most Popular Employer Recruiting Methods

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A new report by Michigan State University and MoneyWatch highlights the strategies today's employers are using to recruit  college graduates.  While it gives college students a road map on how to connect with employers --  it clearly indicates where employers are searching for workers.

To maximize your chances of landing that IT job with that organization you have been eyeing be sure to incorporate the following opportunities into your job search.

Favorite Recruiting Strategies:

Campus-oriented internships, 66%
Career fairs, 62%
National job aggregator, 50%
Alumni working for company, 49%
Campus information visits, 48%
Employee referral, 44%
Faculty, 44%
Interviews, 40%
Social media, 36%
Advertisements, 28%
Local and state job boards, 26% 
Most employers will use 8 to 10 of the above recruiting methods.
 Now after you have landed that great IT job, don't plan on fully using all of the vacation time you are given with your benefits package.
Why? Vacation days are being left unused by American workers according to a recent survey U.S. workers on average, won't use two of their vacation days.

That translates to 226 million unused days in total. The value of this time is calculated as $34.3 billion worth of time.

According to Expedia, American workers said their top reason for not taking a vacation was because they couldn't afford it.

In another survey by Hotwire that has just been released,  it has been discovered  that the typical American worker will have accumulated more than one week's worth of unused vacation day's by year's end.

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